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Pharmacy Point-of-Sale From Retail Management Solutions

Company Background 

Retail Management Solutions is the industry leader in pharmacy point-of-sale. For over 20 years, RMS has provided pharmacies with powerful tools created exclusively for outpatient and retail pharmacy environments. Founded in 1998 with a mission to help pharmacies understand and use technology-based tools to run a successful business, RMS is now one of the most respected point-of-sale providers in the industry. We listen to our customers, partners, and industry requirements to provide useful and timely point-of-sale based solutions. RMS is committed to providing tailored products and services to make our customers the most profitable and customer-centric in the industry. 

Product Overview 

RMS offers a range of point-of-sale products that are both flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any organization. While our easy-to-use, till application is at the forefront of day to day activities in the pharmacy, RMS is proud to offer a host of robust features. 

In the Pharmacy

 With over 30 pharmacy system integrations, prescription sales are fast, easy, and accurate. Signatures are captured at the time of sale for prescription acknowledgement, HIPAA, Safety Caps, etc. When it comes to methods of payment we cover all the bases. Starting with the basics, our credit card integrations offer all the latest functionality including FSA, EMV, NFC, and validated point-to-point encryption. As with our pharmacy system integrations, we offer flexibility in your choice of credit card processors. If payroll deduction is on your list of requirements, you’ll find it easy to charge sales for deduction from employee paychecks. 


 Moving beyond workflow and compliance, RMS provides pharmacies with the ability to meet patient needs both in the pharmacy and at the patient bedside. Our EvolutionPOS V2 tablet puts the power and functionality of a traditional register into a portable form, ideal for meds-to-beds programs. With EvolutionPOS V2, you can scan products and prescriptions, capture signatures, and collect payments with realtime processing. 

Pharmacy Operations

 Select from multiple options built to streamline pharmacy operations. Inventory management solutions open the door for advanced management of front-end products. Wholesaler interfaces allow automated price updates, streamlined purchasing and receiving, integrated shelf labels, and advanced product reporting. Advanced customer management includes A/R functionality as well as a robust customer loyalty program which provides back end users a detailed picture of customer purchasing behavior. 

Head Office

 For multi-location organizations, the Star-Link Enterprise Solution centralizes management of as many sites as you need. By centralizing reporting, employee management, product management, A/R, and more, you reduce workload, enforce organization policies, and standardize workflow across all pharmacy locations. 

World Class Customer Support 

All customers have access to the RMS support line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The RMS customer center is available at any time to request support, access the customer knowledge base, and more. 

Additional Information 

Visit the RMS library at for free e-books, whitepapers, blog articles, and more. 

Key Customers

 RMS is proud to partner with over 1,000 outpatient and retail pharmacy customers all over the United States. 

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