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Introducing Interlock Pass-Thru Refrigerators for Your Clean Room From Helmer Scientific

Company Background

 Helmer Scientific is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of medical-grade cold storage and laboratory processing equipment. We have over 35 years of experience in providing high-quality temperature controlled environments, with our products being used in over 100 countries throughout the world. Helmer originated in the blood bank market where precise temperature control is essential to the successful storage and transfusion of blood products. These same principles have been applied to the design and development of the Helmer pharmacy cold storage products. 

Product Overview 

Wall mounted pass-thru cabinets are helpful when technicians are transferring single doses outside of the clean room, however, these small cabinets present a challenge when trying to transfer out batches of product. Technicians must don PPE and enter the clean room with a cart to pick up and transfer out large batches which introduces unnecessary contamination into the clean room environment. Interlocking Pass-Thru refrigerators are the perfect solution for improving the USP <797> clean room workflow. Here are some of the benefits of having a pass-thru refrigerator for your USP <797> clean room: 

• Cleaner, safer environment with less risk of contamination. 

• Less foot traffic in and out of the clean room. 

• Easy transport of inventory and finished products. 

• Eliminate dirty carts entering the clean room. 

• Dramatically reduced use of PPE with less technicians entering the clean room. Pass-thru refrigerators allow clean room technicians to place large batches into the refrigerator without leaving the clean room. Outside technicians can then access the batches located in the refrigerator via the main pharmacy area without having to don PPE, saving on PPE expenses. Moreover, this means less foot traffic and no cart traffic in and out of the clean room leading to a more controlled environment. The addition of interlock capability ensures both doors to the pass-thru refrigerator are never opened at the same time providing an added layer of clean room protection and control. 

Features & Options 

The Interlock Pass-Thru refrigerator is designed for use in the pharmacy and clean rooms. The interlock refrigerator is built for assisting in USP <797> compliance. The i.Lock™ technology allows doors on one side of the pass-through cabinet to electronically lock when doors on the opposite side are opened. This prohibits doors on both sides of the refrigerator from being opened simultaneously. The Interlock Pass-Thru refrigerator from Helmer Scientific will help you meet compliance, maintain clean room air quality, and enhance your pharmacy workflows.

 Medical-Grade Performance 

• Heavy-duty, air-cooled refrigeration system helps exceed industry standards for medical-grade performance.

• Forced-air circulation maintains chamber uniformity and provides quick recovery after door opening. 

High-Quality Cabinet Construction 

• Bacteria-resistant powder coated interior and exterior helps keep units clean. 

• Designed to withstand 10 years of routine cleaning, even with harsh chemicals. 

Customized Storage Options 

• Configure the inside of the pass-thru cabinet to meet your needs with roll-out baskets or stainless steel pull-out drawers. 

• Choose from various sizes and capacity for your space and workflow. 

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