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Miriam received her doctorate of pharmacy from Midwestern University and has 15 years of pharmacy experience both in the retail and LTC space. She joined the MAC Rx team in 2015 and assumed the pharmacist in charge role in October of 2015. Since that time, the pharmacy has tripled in size due in large part to her keen sense of pharmacy operations along with her ability to build strong vendor and client relationships. Miriam currently oversees pharmacy operations in over 160 LTC communities. She is recognized as an LTC subject matter expert and is a highly sought-after speaker at national conventions such as the IQ Conference for Red Sail Technologies, MHA, and SoftWriters. Miriam is a member of the Advisory Board for CAPSA Healthcare, has done extensive work with SoftWriters for development, testing, and legal advisement for new product development, and implemented the first successful transition to perpetual inventory for Framework LTC. She continues to give back by precepting and mentoring pharmacy students by providing them with exposure to this vital segment of pharmacy.

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March 22, 2023 | Editorial

Pharmacy Automation: The Solution

Posted by Miriam Cho Miriam Cho

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