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Medicine-On-Time Empowers Pharmacies to Simplify Complex Medication Regimens

Company Background 

Medicine-On-Time, part of CSS Health, improves population health through automated, customizable medication management. CSS Health’s unique combination of technology, personal engagement, and proven processes helps health plans, pharmacies, and partners to simplify complex medication regimens, manage costs, and improve lives. 

Product Overview

 Medicine-On-Time serves a wide variety of pharmacy and facility clients with integrated software, superior multi-dose packaging, robust workstations, and automation options that enable pharmacies to expand business and improve patient care. Medicine-On-Time solutions simplify and synchronize prescriptions through detachable dose cups or colorcoded blister packs containing the exact medications that each patient needs, individually marked with name, contents, and the precise time to take them. Clear labeling including patient photograph and easy-tofollow color-coded cards ensures proper treatments. Human and appbased patient follow-up helps document and support adherence. 

MOT Software (MOTNext) 

MOTNext software is a robust, feature rich, work flow software designed to handle the most complex medication regime. More importantly, the ability to interface with most pharmacy management systems in use today provides pharmacies the confidence that MOTNext can be efficiently integrated into your pharmacy business. Whether your patients are living at home, in assisted living, group homes, adult day care and home bound, developmental disability facilities, or children at summer camp MOTNext can manage medications in all scenarios. MOT provides all common charts and forms including: MARS, TARS, observation records, delivery manifests, physicians order sheets, PRN and control substance logs, and many more. There is no more complete medication adherence system available in the market today. Built to today’s development standards and interfaced to most pharmacy management systems, MOTNext is your avenue to success in the growing medication adherence market. 

Product Specifications        

Item Number        Description

MOT-130-17      30 Dose Cold Seal Countdown Card (Blue)

MOT-130-39      30 Dose Cold Seal Countdown Card (Red)

MOT-130-59      31 Dose Cold Seal Calendar Card (#1)

MOT-130-58      31 Dose Cold Seal Countdown Card

200-30S-1000   30 Dose Small Blister

200-30M-1000  30 Dose Medium Blister 

200-30L-1000   30 Dose Large Blister 

200-31S-1000   30 Dose Small Blister

200-31M-1000   31 Dose Medium Blister

200-31L-1000    31 Dose Large Blister

KIT-3332MOT    7 Day Volume Plus Card/Blister

Kit-MBM-32        7 Day Compliance Card/Blister

MOT-130-07      30 Dose Heat Seal Card

MOT-130-16      31 Dose Heat Seal Calendar Card (#1)

MOT-130-25      31 Dose Heat Seal Countdown Card 

Medicine-On-Time offers a comprehensive list of consumable options for every patient need and type of care environment. Whether you need single dose/unit dose cards and blisters, or highly elegant Medicine-OnTime compliance packaging, we will meet your needs. Including our new CircuPack! An innovative medical dispensing system features a circular blister pack, scanner technology for quick and secure preparation, and our adherence software, including reminder app for smartphone users. Increased medication adherence, improve productivity, reduce stress for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, and enjoy greater pharmacy profitability with CircuPack. 

Trade Shows/Meetings Attended

• PDS Super-Conference, Orlando, February 21-23 

• Pioneer RX Connect, May 31 - June 1 

• McKesson ideaShare, Orlando, June 26-30 

• AmerisourceBergen ThoughtSpot, Las Vegas, July 24-27 

• National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA), San Diego, October 26-29 

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