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Thriving in the New Normal with Digital Pharmacist

In the age of COVID-19, people realize the essential nature of pharmacies. However, the pandemic presents challenges for independent pharmacies to overcome to sustain operations, grow customers, and increase profits. These distinctive pharmacies need a multi-prong approach to not just survive but also thrive. 

What independents have on their side is that community members know —more than ever— the importance of supporting independent businesses. Customers receive heighten personal service and friendliness that make a difference when time is of the essence or questions arise to ensure medication instruction.

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However, independent pharmacies must stay abreast of innovation, do more for customers, and still compete with national chains. What gives them more edge is a comprehensive digital strategy. This advantage comes in the form of Digital Pharmacist.

The pharmacy receives a platform of online tools and services to enhance patient engagement. Digital Pharmacist offers seamless integration to attract new customers: a best-in-class, cloud-based IVR system, secure two-way messaging, website development, digital marketing, and a branded mobile app. The products work with over 60 pharmacy management systems and comply with HIPAA and ADA regulations, making them easy to add to your existing systems. 

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