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We’re on a mission to help pharmacies go paperless.


With the success of VUCA Health's MedsOnCue solution, where pharmacies can offer their patients digital Medication Guides and patient education sheets, we created this free resource so pharmacies and other healthcare providers can offer digital vaccine information statements (VIS) to their patients.

Interested in going paperless with digital patient education sheets and Medication Guides? Visit to learn more or just send us an email to

How it Works

We have created three ways you can provide your patients with a digital VIS:

• Provide Link: Simply tell your patients to visit on their smartphone and choose their vaccine

• Show QR Code: Each vaccine on this website has a unique QR code that you can display on your smart device and allow your patients to scan

• Print VIS QR Code: You can also print the QR codes and display for patients to scan inside your pharmacy or practice 

Using a QR code is super easy!

When you have a QR code ready for your patient to scan, simply have your patient open their iPhone camera, Google camera, or any other QR code reader and hold the camera six inches above the QR code to scan.

When their phone reads the QR code, they will be presented with a link to access the VIS. 

Instructions for Printing VIS QR Codes

To print all the VIS QR codes, click the "Print All" button below to open a printable PDF.

To print a VIS QR code for a specific vaccine, click the "View List" button, then choose the "View QR code" button of the desired vaccine to print the QR code.

Place printed QR codes near patient intake areas and be sure to provide patients access to their VIS prior to vaccine administration in accordance with Federal Law.

Patients scan QR code with a smartphone to access the VIS.


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