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QS/1 Provides Pharmacy Management for the Stand-Alone Shop

Single-location pharmacies are an important part of the communities they serve. Technology can help you do more for your patients in less time, but finding an affordable, right-sized solution for your store may be a challenge.

The SharpRx pharmacy management system from QS/1 is tailored to pharmacists who want easy, intuitive technology that won’t stand between them and their patients. This streamlined, user-friendly solution is perfect as a first foray into pharmacy management software. Features include detailed accounts receivable handling, customizable labels, patient education sheets, touch-screen point-of-sale capability, and medication therapy management. Additional tools include an interactive voice response system to handle almost every call coming into your business and a document manager that stores sensitive information securely.


About QS/1
QS/1 is the leader in pharmacy management systems, providing software for community pharmacies in an ever-changing and dynamic healthcare marketplace. They are, and have always been, customer-focused, and their software solutions help independent, chain, hospital outpatient pharmacies, and HME businesses remain relevant, profitable, and proficient through technology. QS/1 offers an integrated suite of products and services, including POS, IVR, document management, mobile and delivery apps, prescription synchronization, and HME billing and compliance.

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